Global Impact Relief, Inc.
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About Us

    Pastor Billy Bope was called to be a preacher at a young age, he was saved when he was 9 and lived for Christ thru the difficult teenage years setting the proper example. After getting ordained, he set out to be a pastor of a church in Winamac. Serving there for many years he was led to travel to Uganda on mission trips. In 1997, he walked the streets of Uganda and noticed that there were children everywhere. Billy asked an African friend  why the children were on the streets and not in school. He replied "These children had lost their parents to AIDS or tribal wars and therefore did not have the funds to go to school." His heart went out to the children and realized  he had to do something.

     As they continued walking, they entered a village where a set of twins were about to be stoned. The twins had lost both of their parents and had no relatives and the village did not want to take care of them. He could not believe what was going to happen! Billy approached the king and asked if he would hand the twins over to him. With his permission, Billy removed the children from the village and returned to the home where he was staying. With the help of his friend, they found homes for the twins and Billy returned to the US with a heavy burden for the children of Uganda. Then he organized a sponsorship program to feed these children. And one by one people sponsored the children.


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