Global Impact Relief, Inc.
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Financial Needs

Currently we are trying to obtain financing for the following:

1) Posho Mill Project for several villages in north central Uganda. The blessing will be that a portion of the profits will directly fund the widow and orphan project overseen by the village elders. The mill is expected to be completed this year. (Here are some pictures of the foundation of the mill being started.)


2) General fund.
     ( As always we take any size donation and use in the general funds. This can be a one time contribution or monthly.)

3) Katogwe Water Well


4.) Barb Decker Missionary Support in Ehtiopia

5.) John Gross Missionary Support for Global Missions

6.) Lakomenza International Academy Building Project 

7.) 2 Oxen, a Plow, and a little seed for Adilang Sustainable Farm Project. This will allow them to prepare the ground for the widow's gardens, and they would gain the added benefit of hiring out their services for other financial needs. ($1500)


8.) Boda Boda (small motorcycle) for Katogwe. This will provide transportation for Pastor Valentine to do ministry work and visit the 5 church plants. The boda boda will also provide the added benefit of getting children to school and collecting maize from the sustainable mill project. ($1500)


9.) To pay one more quarter of school fees. This will give time for the mill to create enough income to be sustainable. ($1000).


10.) An unexpected need. Meet Susan! She is a little girl in the village of Adeta. Susan has a special needs learning disability, but in January 2019, Susan surprised everyone. A friend of Susan's had been teaching her things, and Susan has been comprehending it all. She shocked her friends and family by showing them that she could count to 10. We are asking for donations to get Susan some books and pay for someone to teach her.  (Pictured L-R, John Gross, Susan, and Pastor Billy Bope)

#11 Pastors Billy Bope and Gerald Shadrix January 2020 Mission Trip to Ethiopia

#12 John Gross Mission Trip to Uganda January 2020 and 2nd trip mid summer 2020

We are a non-profit 501c3 and all gifts are tax deductable.

Please write checks payable to: Global Impact Relief, 5110 East 800 South, Monterey, IN 46960
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